Properties for Sale in Tokai

This one is going to sell to the first person who views it. If you are looking for properties for sale in Tokai then you better hurry up and view this one before it is gone!!


Properties for sale in Tokai


Sorry to disappoint you, but this properties not really for sale. Too be honest we don’t feature any properties for sale in Tokai.

Sorry to disappoint you further, but you will also not find any nice pictures of properties for sale in Tokai either.

And lastly, sorry again, but you won’t find any enticing headlines or grandiose descriptions of properties for sale in Tokai either.

But if you are interested in buying a property in Tokai, at the best price, with the best terms and conditions and with the legal protection you should enjoy, then read on.

The next 2 -3 minutes may well change the way you buy property for ever!

SAHomeBuyers does not offer any Properties for sale in Tokai, we help you buy one.

For too long a time now the property buying system in South Africa has offered only one choice for those looking to find and secure one of the offered properties for sale in Tokai – via a selling agent. Since 2005 SAHomeBuyers has been offering a and better way to secure your next property – the buyers agent!

How do buyers agents compare to estate agents?

Buyers agent Estate agent
Does not sell property Sells property
Negotiates the best price for the buyer Retained by sellers to get the highest price possible price
Access to all properties for sale Access to property for sale they have in stock
Independent Promotes their agency
Fully licensed Fully licensed
Buyer biased Seller biased


Why you would use a buyers agent to look for properties for sale in Tokai?

  • More thorough search

  • We can access all properties for sale in Tokai. Once we understand your needs fully we search via estate agents as well as private sellers needs. We understand that all too often buyers are sent details, or worse, spend time, looking at properties for sale in Tokai that are obviously unsuitable. With us we only introduce you to properties for sale in Tokai that meet your specific requirements.

    Put simply it’s a better way to search for properties for sale in Tokai!

  • The viewings

  • As you would expect of a more bespoke service, there is no need for to worry about contacting all the estate agents or private sellers to arrange viewings on your shortlist of properties for sale in Tokai – leave that to us as we arrange an itinerary to meet your timescales and of course accompany you on all viewings of properties for sale in Tokai.

    We also take care to introduce you to the area. It’s not just about the properties for sale in Tokai, it’s about the location, the amenities, the schooling, the shopping, the security, the neighborhood, the access to Cape Town, airports and main roads. The list goes on.

    In short we don’t try and sell you from a selection of properties for sale in Tokai, we find you a Tokai property that sells itself to you.

  • Making an offer

  • Hopefully when you have finished viewing all the properties for sale in Tokai, you will end up with one that perfectly suits your needs. Its now time to make an offer. Commonly known as an offer to purchase. Here our service really comes into it’s own in terms of supporting you.

    The most important things to know about an offer to purchase are:

    • Its legally binding when signed by both parties
    • It contains a clause ‘sold as seen’
    • It is the legal document that contains all clauses and conditions plus the price of the property
    • It is not normally checked (it should be!) by an attorney
    • It is a pre-printed legal agreement that is not tailored to you

We ensure we provide you with all the support you need to formulate the offer to purchase in a manner whereby it covers not just the sellers needs but yours, as the buyer, as well. We will discuss with you relevant clauses we feel need to be included and explain in plain English just what you are signing.Further, all offer to purchase agreements are checked by our retained attorney for even more reassurance.

  • Negotiating Price

As a buyer you probably rely a little on guesswork when arriving at a price to offer. It could be you ‘chance your arm’ or maybe look for similar properties for sale in the area. You may even ask the selling agent for their opinion. None represent the best way to negotiate.

Most importantly – the estate agent is there to act on behalf of the seller. They are paid and obliged to negotiate the best price (the highest price) and terms and conditions for the seller – not for you the buyer!

In short their role is to sell at the highest price whatever properties for sale in Tokai they have been retained to sell. They are seasoned negotiators and of course trained in how to do this.

This is probably one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you will make and with SAHomeBuyersyou can rely on professional, experienced advice and expert negotiating tactics. Many of our clients have achieved savings in excess of 10% and 15% . Just as importantly our legal input into the offer for purchase has stopped / safe guarded them against buying a property that had defects, issues or unknown problems. Our role is not just about sifting through all the properties for sale in Tokai but looking after your interests as you select the perfect one for you.


You may never have used a property buyers consultant before and maybe for the first time you have a choice in how you search and secure your home from all the properties for sale in Tokai.

So give us a call or send us an e-mail. Your consultation is free of charge and carries no obligation. We are confident that when you hear more about how we work and benefit you, you’ll never buy a property without a buyers consultant again.

To discuss your requirements for Properties for sale in Tokai, email us or phone our area buyers consultant Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800