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Why you need a Property Buyers Consultant

For those buyers who have utilised the service of a Property Buyers Consultant, purchasing a property without one is no longer an option.

Although hard to source in South Africa, Property Buyers Consultant’s are commonplace in many countries and, as an example, in the USA are involved in over 50% of all purchases and are considered an indispensable part of the buying process.

As the largest investment you are ever likely to make, both on a financial and emotional level, it simply makes sense to have an independent expert ‘fighting your corner’ for the right property, in the right location and at the best price. Mistakes can be expensive and life- changing – using a property buyers consultant is the intelligent way to buy and the cheapest insurance policy against poor or ill-informed decision making.

Our goal with every client is to find the “Right Property, at the Right Price, Everytime!” SAHomeBuyers Property Buyers Consultant’s is managed and run by Marco Garuti, a licensed property specialist with real estate experience since 1997. Marco applies his experience in financial consulting to critically approaching property as an important asset class for wealth creation. Demand and supply factors are what ultimately determine future value of a property. Insight and deep understanding of the factors of demand for property is what we share with our buyers.

What you deserve as a property buyer

Due to the Director’s standing in Cape Town as a highly respected property specialist, many “unique” properties, or off plan developments, may be discussed with him prior to being released to the market, giving clients of the property consultant exclusive access to properties we often call “silent listings”.

We believe that buyers should have benefit from sound professional support when making a purchasing decision, in other words their own property buyers consultant. Due to our very strong, local connections, we are able to provide our clients with extensive market knowledge, access to a wider network of properties and provide exceptional negotiation skills to deliver a great result.

Due to the Director’s standing in Cape Town as a highly respected property specialist, many “unique” properties, or off plan developments, may be discussed with him prior to being released to the market, giving clients of the property consultant exclusive access to properties we often call “silent listings”.

Also, as Managing Director, Marco deals with all negotiations personally. Marco is renowned for his competitive business edge and will no doubt negotiate the best possible terms, acting purely in the buyer’s interests. On many occasions, the property buyers’ consultant may advise his/her client not to proceed with a purchase. Unashamedly biased towards the buyer as a property buyers consultant, if it is not at the right price and in your best interests then we will advise you to continue with your search.

What is a property buyers’ consultant?

A property buyers consultant is a Licensed Real Estate Agent who works on behalf of property buyers. SAHomeBuyers, as an exclusive buyers’ consultancy, acts only for the buyer. We do not list or sell property and consequently we deal with any Real Estate Agency and/or Private Seller without limitation or conflict of interest. Whilst selling agents have a legal and ethical obligation to achieve the highest possible price for vendors, a property buyers’ consultant is engaged by property purchasers to source and/or negotiate an acquisition on their behalf. Buyers’ agents are required to act in the buyer’s best interests at all times.

Property buyers’ consultant services

We offer an extensive range of property consulting and research services that can be tailored to your specific needs.
Whether you are seeking a home to live in, an investment property or commercial property, our role can vary from the initial research or legal assistance, right through to a comprehensive service of finding, researching and negotiating the property acquisition. From search to settlement, we coordinate the entire buying process for you, including finding the best and most competitive finance package. Appointing us to act on your behalf ensures the most favourable terms are achieved, enabling you to buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Property buyers consultantWe save you time – Today’s busy lifestyle makes finding the time to research, locate and negotiate your next property investment very difficult. This burden of not having the available time and resources often leads to people delaying their purchase decision which may result in poor timing or indeed making a decision around your schedule rather than buying the right property for the right price at the right time.

Having a busy schedule and inspecting 3-5 properties over 3-4 Saturdays, simply does not show you everything on the market. Also, attempting to save time by searching over the internet, is not an exhaustive or effective research method as the properties are often not updated regularly.As a buyers’ agent we will source property through the traditional methods of Internet, newspapers and real estate agents and also source off-market properties through their extensive list of market contacts. We are also able to assess several properties at any one time for the client, increasing the chances of securing a good deal. For the client this means an exhaustive search has been preformed over a condensed period of time, which provides the client with a better chance of obtaining the right property at the right price.

Property buyers consultantWe save you money – The majority of buyers view the asking price as an estimate of the property’s value and base negotiations around this. In reality the asking price is a price provided by the selling agent who is acting for the seller to achieve the maximum sales price. Through industry experience, current market knowledge, research and access to the appropriate historical records, a buyers’ agent will evaluate and appraise the value of the property, how it stacks up as an investment and provide this report to their client.

Then through negotiation skills we negotiate the best possible purchase price, potentially saving many thousands of dollars for the client. It is important to remember you make money when buying property rather than selling. Many investors lose money in property by not being so concerned about the purchase price, rather thinking they will make money on the sale of the property due to its capital growth over time.

However with the increased acquisition costs, legal costs, stamp duty and selling costs, they may have negative equity in their property for some time – that is they have lost money even if the property’s value has risen. Apart from negative equity, the consequences of paying too much for a property include: paying higher stamp duty, borrowing more and increasing your loan repayments and if renting, effectively lowering your rental return or yield. By knowing what to look for and what to ask, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of rands in negotiating a more advantageous position, as well as preventing costly mistakes being made.


We use our professional knowledge, skills and contacts towards the location and presentation of Tokai properties that are available to purchase, that meet the client’s criteria and requirements. We provide an analysis of comparative sales of any property identified and an opinion as to the value of the property based on local knowledge, experience and statistical sales analysis and advise accordingly, even if it means pointing out reasons ‘not to buy’.

  • Property buyers consultant’s provide full disclosure of all research (positive and negative) on the property.
  • We negotiate for the best price and terms on behalf of our client, the buyer.
  • Property buyers consultant’s provide and assist, if and when required, recommendations for the most competitive sources of finance and lending criteria.
  • We offer objective, independent, expert advice throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • Our inside knowledge of the Tokai property market and expert negotiation skills helps ensure an astute investment.
  • Property buyers consultant’s eliminate a lot of the emotional pressure.
  • We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality.
  • Our strong industry networks, including those with area specialist selling agents, enables us to access property listings not always available to the general public.

For your free and non-obligation consultation contact Marco Garuti, our Tokai property buyers consultant and discover what a difference using a property buyers consultant can mean for you.

Marco can be contacted on e-mail here or by phoning + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.

SAHomeBuyers – the intelligent way to buy property and the least expensive ‘insurance policy’ you ever took out.